For Owners

Koramangala To let Service

Step 1

Call us & try our rental outsourcing service.Service also includes making of rental agreement & facilitating the whole rental process from starting to end.

Step 2

Our representative will come to your place to take pictures of rental property,Also rental details & requirements regarding the kind of tenant you prefer will be taken at that time.

Step 3

After completion of step two,We will take the whole rental to letting process on our shoulders for your place.Read how it works section below to know more.

How it works

After taking pictures & details regarding the rental property, We advertise your place in our capacity through online & offline mediums,among the people who approached us for rental place,among our related networks,through our partner channels and through our arrangements with corporate employees & executives so to get you tenants in shortest time possible.From taking pictures & details to showing your property to intertested people offline by scheduling visits,we will do it all.Also on your request we can save your property details in our database,so that next time when you call us to inform that you have rental vacancy,we already have most of your property details & pictures to list it with us simply over the call itself.

Reach Us

Residential rental property owners can message us directly for any query or to try our service today as we simply are always a phone call away throughout the rental process to serve your needs.